On August 25th , Ghent Port Company together with Zeeland Seaports (the ports of Terneuzen and Flushing) had undertook a mission to the Baltic States, including Port of Sillamäe in Estonia.

This joint promotion of our ports from Holland, Belgium and Estonia is a new step in the cooperation of the three port authorities.

Business Dialogue and Conference with Belgian/Holland delegation took place at the Port of Sillamäe and in the hotel “Noorus” in Narva-Jõesuu with representatives from

• Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Tallinn/Narva

• Enterprise Estonia, Tallinn

• EUROCHEM, Moscow/Sillamäe (incl. manager from Antwerpen factory)

• BCT/Acron, Tallinn/Sillamäe

• Alexela Oil, Sillamäe

• Port of Sillamäe

• Silsteve Terminals, Sillamäe

• City of Sillamäe

Delegations also Visited the upgraded facilities of the Estonia-Russia border crossing in Narva.

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