Port of Sillamäe took into operation 4 new berths for container ships and bulk carriers. The total length of the new berths is 850 m and the depths of two of them are 12.5 m and two by 15.5 meters each. New berths are located on the coastline between East and West breakwaters. The number of berths in the port is 15 now and their total length is 3 km.

The first ships moored along the new waterfront line in the end of the year 2014 already, but after purchasing a new cargo-handling equipment and repair existing old port cranes the port is ready now to serve the Panamax type vessels. This gives a competitive advantage over many of the smaller ports.

The port is planning to extend the railway station of Sillamäe directly to new berths area in the near future. This saves the cargo handling costs, avoids excessive loading works and reduces transportation on the port territory.

Looking ahead, the port is planning to increase the number of berths more than 30, including a special berths for passenger vessels.

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